Real Food Gratitude
Boulder, Colorado
Copyright 2015​


my Mission


Sharing healthy, thoughtfully prepared food is my passion. 

The food we cook comes from a place of love and respect, not only for our customers, but also for our community. We are passionate about shopping locally at every opportunity and we care about the food we are preparing. That's why it's always seasonal and it's always fresh. From meeting the local farmers who grow our produce, to being mindful of waste and composting, we take pride in our sustainable practices. 


We know clean eating and dietary changes can be overwhelming, but we are committed to making it easy. We firmly believe that healthy food can be comforting and delicious, and we want to prove that to you with each meal we prepare. When you can't make a trip to the market — or after a long night at the baseball field — we know the drive-thru seems like the easiest option. That's why we offer delicious, real-food choices that come prepared and ready to heat and eat. 


We are devoted to mindfully planning and preparing delicious food so you can spend more time living your life — healthfully. This convenience allows you to share amazing home-cooked meals without the fuss or trip to the grocery store. You can send a meal to an elderly parent or a new mother, bring a healthy, allergy-friendly snack to a classroom birthday party, or stock your fridge for the week. Good food is meant to be shared, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our love of good food with you!

Meet Rachel Youngblood, Owner

I have been cooking since I was old enough to stand on a stool and stir. Some of my earliest memories start in the kitchen, where my nana would scrub me up to my shoulders so I could mix the Thanksgiving cornbread dressing by hand in a big stainless steel bowl. There was no rush in that kitchen, no stress. Just biscuits, vegetable soups, buttermilk pies, and a sense that cooking for people was a pretty great way to show you loved them. 


My friends and family have always known they could count on me for a home-cooked meal and trays of warm baked goods. I consider baking to be my first love, and I still have quite the soft spot for sweets, but I know it doesn't take artificial ingredients and tons of refined sugar to make my desserts delicious. 


I have a deep appreciation for real food. I pride myself in cooking food that is healthy and delicious without artificial flavors and the guilt of nasty ingredients. I focus on the kind of food that comes out of the ground with dirt on it — the kind of ingredients I can turn into a meal that even the pickiest children (or husbands!) love to eat.


As a small town girl born and raised in Manchester, TN, I'm proud to say that I love to support local farmers, and I shop locally at every available opportunity in an effort to support the members of the community in which I live and work!


-Rachel Youngblood