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Boulder, Colorado
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Sweets & treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth without the junk

If you're searching for healthier snack ideas and guilt-free desserts, you've come to the right place. Our homemade snacks, treats, and baked goods are designed to replace the cookies, granola bars, and junk food you buy every week at the store. We know it's hard to find healthy snacks — even when you're buying organic, the ingredient list on the back of the box will still make your head spin!


We offer a wide range of snacks that are gluten free, organic, dairy free, or vegan, and they're all free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. We specialize in allergy-friendly sweets and treats, so you can rest assured that our desserts are the perfect treat to share at school events or to have on hand at home when the craving hits. 


The best part? We will never sacrifice flavor. Our treats are so satisfying and downright delicious that we guarantee you won't feel like you're eating something that's wholesome and healthy. 


We make made-to-order cookies, breads, granola bars, energy bites, cakes, pies and more. Check out our weekly menus or contact us directly to place your customized order.